Port of Bilbao

Harbour Information, Terminals and Facilities
(Bilbao, Pais Vasco, Spain)

Bilbao is situated in the Basque region of northern Spain. The city's port is one of the busiest in Spain, operating routes to Portsmouth, UK.

The terminal building offers very good facilities. There is a spacious and comfortable lounge, a newsagent, a souvenir shop selling wines, local foods and souvenirs and a coffee shop. Hot drinks and snacks are also available from the vending machines that are located throughout.

Public telephones can be found in the terminal and the information counter provides help and information for travellers. Disabled passengers can find purpose built toilets in the terminal and on board. If assistance is required for boarding the ferries, travellers should inform the ferry company and before arrival.

Bilbao is Spain's sixth largest city. The city boasts a number of fascinating attractions including the futuristic-looking Guggenheim Museum. As well as the impressive sights, Bilbao also offers an impressive range of food - all of an excellent standard. The best restaurants can be found in the beautiful old quarter.

Ferry Services

P&O Ferries offers crossings to Portsmouth from Bilbao twice a week, with a journey time of about 29 hours. AT Ferries also provides twice weekly crossings, taking about 34 hours.

The Pride of Bilbao is the largest vessel and can carry the most passengers. The ferry offers superb on-board facilities including a movie theatre, fitness centre and an award-winning restaurant.

Contact Port of Bilbao:
Address: Campo Volantin, 37 48007, Bilbao, Pais Vasco, Spain, ES
Tel: +34 94 487 12 00
Fax: +34 94 487 12 08
Email: comercial@bilbaoport.es
Bilbao Port

Bilbao Port

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