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About Bilbao, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Bilbao, Pais Vasco, Spain)

Known as the financial capital of Basque country, Bilbao is the sixth largest city of Spain. The city has numerous attractions to offer and boasts excellent restaurants serving delicious local and international dishes.

The city's public transport is a cheap and efficient way to get around.

What to do in Bilbao

The Casco Viejo can be found in the heart of the city in the old quarter. The Casco Viejo has numerous trendy cafés and superb restaurants. It is also where you can find the vibrant nightlife as there are a wide range of bars, pubs and nightspots. During the August Festival, Bilbao comes alive with singing and dancing and street processions.

Tourist Attractions

The futuristic Guggenheim Museum, situated in the renovated old quarter, is the major attraction. This fantastic and unique building is home to the paintings of Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso and boasts 19 galleries. Other must-see sights include: the 14th century Church of Santiago and the fascinating Museum of Archaeology.

Bilbao is perfectly situated for exploring the Basque country. Santander is a resort along the coast. Much of its old town was devastated by fire and raging storms in 1941. The ornate Magdalena Palace, which was constructed for King Alfonso XIII during the twenties, survived. Now the palace is a part of the International University of Santander and is well worth a visit.
Nearby Burgos is renowned for its imposing monasteries surrounding the city and a thriving old centre. San Sebastián is a trendy resort town with extremely interesting architecture and the town of Soria is rich in scenic beauty.

Bilbao Port

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