Port of Bilbao

Land Transport and Travel To and From Port Bilbao
(Bilbao, Pais Vasco, Spain)

The port of Bilbao is well connected by road. The city of Pamplona is two hours away by car.

Madrid can be reached in four hours, Barcelona in six hours, the French city of Bordeaux within four hours and Milan in 12 hours.

Travel by Bus and Shuttles

All buses to other provinces depart from the TermiBus Bus Terminal. Buses connect Bilbao with many cities in Spain and are a cheaper alternative to getting the train. The inner-city bus network has won a prize for its efficient service. There are more than 100 BizkaiBus bus lines linking Bilbao and other areas of the region with nearly every location in the Bay of Biscay (Tel: +34 902 222265).

Car Hire and Road Travel

The Bilbao ferry terminal can be reached by car from Santander in the west and Madrid and Barcelona in the east via the A8. Follow the N644 turn off and take this road to the ferry port.
You can arrange to hire a car at the ferry port. It is advisable to book in advance.

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Trains and Rail Travel

There are direct connections by railway with the major Spanish cities and the whole Iberian Peninsula. The RENFE station can be found on Plaza Circular 2. Two daily trains operate to and from Madrid with a journey time of six hours if you take the afternoon train and seven of you take the night train.

Car Parking

Both short and long-stay parking is provided at the ferry port. Disabled travellers will find designated parking areas.

Travel by Taxis

You will find taxis available at the ferry port. Radio Taxi Bilbao is one of the most reliable taxi companies operating in Bilbao. Their phone number is: +34 94444 88 88.

Bilbao Port

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